Package Overload

Today I have three days worth of packages to review. Wouldn’t have been such a  big deal, if it wasn’t for the fact that there were eight packages today! Needless to say, I’ll be doing these in batches again.


First off, the things I’m the most disappointed in. Out of four items here, half of them aren’t useable. Bah. These are all supposed to be ear cuffs or fake earrings.

The claw cuff ($0.23 on AliExpress, with free 30-50 day shipping, arrived in 24 days) simply doesn’t fit. Its grip is too loose to hold onto an ear, and the metal can’t be adjusted to make it work. I may be able to make it work as a charm on a necklace or something, due to the hole in it (that wasn’t obvious in the photos, but is there if you look hard enough) so it’s not a total loss, I guess.

The magnetic earrings ($0.24 on AliExpress – now $0.25, with free 30-50 day shipping, arrived in 26 days) don’t really work. The magnets for the backs – which they sent 4 of – are strong enough to hold onto each other, but the front pieces are barely magnetic at all. As shown in the picture, they’d much rather stick to each other than the fronts! I’m considering gluing one back to each front to get a better hold. They might be usable at that point… But I’m still pretty disappointed.

Thankfully, the other two cuffs ($0.15 each on AliExpress, with free 30-50 day shipping, arrived in 24 days) work just fine. They’re nothing special, but they’re exactly as pictured, and they fit perfectly with just a little adjustment. The metal doesn’t feel super cheap, but it’s not very sturdy, either. At 15 cents each, though, I definitely can’t complain.


Now, I’m one of those people that, if I could afford it (or was brave enough to risk infection by doing it myself), would have dozens of piercings and tattoos. I briefly considered buying a few $0.50 piercing guns and doing some myself, but it’s incredibly dangerous to do so, and I’m not that stupid. (Now, my 17-year-old self, half a lifetime ago… That’s another story.)

Instead, I bought these.

The jeweled septum ring was $0.27 on AliExpress, with 30-50 day shipping, and it arrived in 32 days. The back of it does look a little cheap, but nobody sees that. It took a little work to get it on the first time, but once I figured out the trick, it was easy. I think it might be a bit too much sparkle for me, but it’s cute.

The “fake” nose rings were $0.23/pair on AliExpress, with free 20-38 day shipping, arriving in 32 days. Now, while these do sort of work for fake piercings, the listing is a bit deceptive – these are REAL nose rings, meant to be worn in an actual piercing. They’re too loose to be worn long-term if you intend to wear them as fakes. That said, they’re sort of perfect for testing out different piercing placements to see if it’s something you really want to do. (I tried them on my lip, and was surprised at how much I liked it.)


If you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for rings – and for other things that can be worn on fingers, apparently.

The finger armor was $0.70 on AliExpress, with free 20-39 day shipping – it arrived in 25 days. Now, I’ve loved stuff like this for as long as I can remember, but never actually thought I could own one. This was listed as a men’s piece, so I assumed that it would be somewhat close to my size, as my fingers are wider than most women’s… It wasn’t. I had to do some major modification with my jewelry-making tools to make this fit. In the process, some of the patina finish rubbed off, leaving it looking a  bit uneven. That said, it’s still pretty cool – if you have the tools needed to make it fit. (It didn’t even fit my pinky finger – ack!)

The lotus ring ($0.69 on AliExpress, now $0.54, with free 20-38 day shipping, arrived in 32 days) is amazing. I’m completely in love with it. It fits like a size 7 1/2 – perfect for my pinky finger. I got the rose gold color, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. The ring feels solid, not cheap. Very nice!

The Precious Lord of the Rings “One Ring” was $0.92 on AliExpress, with free 20-38 day shipping, also arriving in 32 days. The ring fits perfectly, but it’s definitely not stainless steel – it’s too light to be steel. The engraving looks like it’s painted on, not etched in the finish… So I’m thinking I might cover this one with clear nail polish to, hopefully, protect it a bit. After I shine it up some – the finish gets pretty dull after handling it just for a minute or so. I think, in the future, I’d go for a more expensive one that’s hopefully better quality.


These two necklaces were both ordered as gifts for specific people.

The grandmother necklace is, supposedly, identical to one I received in my first review post. Interestingly, though I only paid $0.66 (currently $0.78) on AliExpress, which was 17 cents more than the other, the quality is a million times better. On every level. It took a little while longer to get here – 31 days out of the quoted 28-45, but it’s well made, the pendant is shiny and not “rustic” looking, the heart is pretty, and the chain is decent. If I was to do it all again, I’d buy two of these, and not touch the cheaper version.

The faux-leather cord necklace is also a gift, which set me back $0.49 on AliExpress. It took 32 days to arrive, out of the quoted 20-38. It’s a pretty necklace, and the cord, surprisingly, has no odor to it (usually, these fake leather cords stink.) I somehow thought that the leaf was ceramic, not metal, but that’s not a big deal. It’s still pretty, and I’m sure the recipient will love it.


And, last but certainly not least, two more necklaces.

The spike necklace was $0.74 (currently $0.93) on AliExpress, with free 22-28 day shipping, arriving in 32 days. Looking at the photos, it looks like it’s a pretty imposing piece of jewelry but, unfortunately, the spikes are a LOT smaller than they appear, with the longest ones about 5cm/2″ long, and the width of the entire spiked section coming in at 9.5cm/3.75″ when laid flat. The chain is rather short, too, making it more of a choker length than anything – at least on me. I’ll probably refigure it a little so it goes a little wider on my neck, and so it doesn’t feel like it’s choking me.

Now, I won’t even try to wear the Deathly Hallows necklace ($0.43 on AliExpress, free 30-50 day shipping, arrived in 32 days) until I replace the chain. The pendant is nice, solid-feeling, and decent-looking. But, the chain looks and feels cheap, and a little bit dirty, too. I’m worried about something rubbing off on me, so I’m trying to handle it as little as possible until I get that fixed. The color is definitely off compared to the listing – this is much more yellow than the bronze that I ordered. Not bad, overall, but it could be a lot better.

The quality of this lot was definitely mixed, between good and bad, but for under $6 total, I think I came away with some nice pieces.


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