In Chains

The past two days have been pretty good, package-wise. Five packages with a total of six items!


My daughter was so excited about this that I couldn’t even keep it long enough to take a proper photo!

There aren’t a lot of cases for her phone yet – it’s a newer model, and carrier-specific, so the selection is still pretty limited. I almost didn’t even find this one, but a last-ditch search turned it up!

This phone case was $3.80 on AliExpress, with free shipping. It took 23 of the quoted 20-39 days to arrive from China, which seems to be about average.

I’m not super impressed with the quality – in the right light, you can see the  bumps where the pattern paper or whatever was glued to the rest of the case. But, my daughter is in love with it, and that’s the only thing that really matters.


This necklace was one I ordered on a whim, and not really because I was in love with it or anything. Turns out, it’s a keeper, and going in my jewelry box immediately!

This necklace was $0.45 on AliExpress, with free shipping. It arrived from China in 28 out of the stated 20-38 days.

The chain is nice and long on this one – much more my style. I don’t even have to unhook it to get it over my head! As usual, the jump rings holding the bits together could be better, but are easily replaced with simple jewelry-making tools. The “gem” looks a bit cheap, but at less than half a dollar, I’m fine with that.


You may notice, through my posts, that foxes pop up somewhat often. This is entirely intentional. This won’t be the last fox that shows up on this blog!

This necklace was $0.90 on AliExpress, again with free shipping. This, too, took 28 days out of 20-38, shipped from China.

I love most of this necklace. The unique chain and the moon pendant are beautiful, and the fox pendant is downright cute. However, I’ll be replacing the jump ring that the fox hangs from, as it’s a bit too big, and the fox overlaps the moon. Plus, the chain is just too short – I’ll see if I can add an extender, but I might have to replace it completely. Oh, and it arrived in a cute, sparkly gift bag, which I’ll be reusing for future gifts!


I used to have a ring similar to this. It was made of super cheap metal, and I wound up having to coat the inside with clear nail polish within a week of getting it. It’s long since lost – and even if I found it, it would probably look disgusting from the oxidation and wear on the finish.

I had a really hard time hunting down a replacement for that ring on AliExpress, and this was the best that I could come up with. It cost $0.98 on AliExpress, with free shipping from China (it’s since gone up to $1.36.) It arrived in 26 days, out of the stated 20-39 days.

I’m not totally happy with this ring. It feels cheap, and the bit that holds the o-ring on sticks out way too far for my taste. I’m sure, if I was to wear it for any length of time, it would wind up getting knocked against all manner of things, or snagged on who knows what. That said, it serves the purpose for now, until I can find a better version somewhere.


These two items were a bit of a headache. I’m actually rather glad when tracking isn’t available beyond China, because I like to be surprised… These were supposedly shipped via ePacket, with tracking available to my door. I did get a surprise with these – the tracking had them delivered last week – about 6 hours away from where I live! I opened a dispute, and asked the seller for a tracking number. They kept insisting that they had really mailed it, and I just had to be patient, but the tracking number thing was bothering me. They did show up, though – hours before the dispute was set to be decided by AliExpress. The seller is lucky – I had proof that either they gave me a fake tracking number (which, obviously, was the case), or that the item was sent to the wrong address.

The 5-ring set was $0.35 on AliExpress (currently $0.44), and the necklace was $0.55 (currently $0.69). They’re both from the same seller, so they both arrived in 28 days out of the quoted 20-39.

I like the rings, and I’d buy them again, so long as I knew ahead of time not to trust the tracking number. They’re small, and shiny, and fit well on my knuckles, which was my intention to begin with.

The necklace, on the other hand, I’m not such a fan of. The charm looks horrible on the back, and it is finicky about how it sits, so it has to be worn on the left side, no matter which side you’d actually prefer. It’s incredibly short, too – there’s no way that I could wear this without adding a rather large extension. I’m not sure how well it would sit, either – there doesn’t seem to be a big enough difference between the two chains on the bottom. This is going in my gifts box.

Overall, though, a decent haul. My necklace collection has more than doubled in the past month, I swear!

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s mail brings.


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