Nature Calls

Usually, what shows up in my mailbox is pretty random, but today, the mailman decided (completely intentionally, I’m sure) to deliver two nature-themed items!


First is one of my more recent purchases. I’ve always had a thing for crystals and stones, and I like to believe that, even if I don’t really believe that they hold some sort of power, that keeping them around can at least have a sort of placebo effect.

This stone pendant cost me $0.75 on AliExpress (which has since been increased to $2.09, though it looks like it will go down for a coming sale.) With free shipping, it arrived in 19 days – less than the 20-39 days expected.

I was a little worried when I first opened this package, as the stone didn’t feel cold to the touch like any real stone should. Apparently, though, that’s because it was in my dark-colored mailbox on a warm, sunny day, as it grew much colder sitting around indoors. There are obvious flaws on the surface of the stone, which also point toward it being real instead of a plastic knock-off.

This particular stone is called Unakite. It’s a common stone, especially in the United States, South Africa, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, and China. If you’re into the meanings of stones and crystals, it’s supposed to help with a number of illnesses, as well as emotional healing and motivation. Again, I don’t place any weight on that, but it’s a pretty stone either way.


Today’s second arrival – a Lord of the Rings leaf necklace – was a huge bargain – at least when I bought it.

I paid all of $0.10 for this on AliExpress, but the price has since gone up to a much more reasonable $4.99. With free shipping it took only 20 days to arrive, with shipping estimated at 20-39 days.

For what I paid, I wasn’t expecting much, but this necklace is identical to the one in the listing, straight down to the box chain, and I’d say it’s definitely worth the $4.99 they’re currently charging. There’s one spot on the back where the green enamel spilled on the silver back, but it’s nothing that anyone is going to see.

Now, this isn’t an official version – Weta Workshop charges nearly $200 for their official necklace. Comparing the two, of course the official version looks a lot better. That said, this easily stands on its own, and I’m glad I found it at such a huge discount!


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