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So, it hasn’t really come up yet, but my 13-year-old daughter is a huge anime and vocaloid fan. (A vocaloid, for those without 13-year-old daughters or interests in Japanese culture, are 3d-animated characters with computer generated voices. Here’s an example.) Her favorite vocaloid, at least at the moment, is probably the most famous – Hatsune Miku.

So, of course, during one of my mini shopping sprees, I had to grab this for my daughter:


Needless to say, she was very happy. In fact, this was her face:


…I think she was wearing her Hatsune Miku shirt.


Of course, she loves the keychains/bag tags/whatever they are. I think she was disappointed when I said I needed to take it to get photos and write up a review, but she’ll get it back. If she’s good.

These set me back $0.84 on AliExpress, for a total of 8 tags, so not a bad price (the price has since risen to $0.88.) The free shipping was said to get it here within 20-38 days, and it arrived in only 19.

The tags themselves are printed on lightweight, matte plastic. They’re thin enough that, if you hold them up to the light, you can see the printing on the other side – though they are printed on both sides (same image on each side.) They’re about as tall as the short side of a credit card, and a little wider than a finger, so they’re not huge, but that means they could easily work as zipper pulls – though I wouldn’t put them on anything that would get a lot of wear.

The rings holding the tags together are cheap-feeling – like basic jump rings wit a little extra metal so the ends overlap. This is probably my only complaint about them, really – I’d be afraid of the rings breaking. But jump rings are easy to replace.

I’d say it was definitely worth the money – especially to make my daughter smile when she was home sick. (Again.)


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