A little bird told me…

Just one package today, but I’m pretty excited about it.

I write, and a lot of my characters have things that symbolize who they are – sometimes jewelry, sometimes other things. When I first started looking at AliExpress, I actually found a few pieces that were close to what I imagined these characters wore, so of course I jumped on them!

Today’s package contained one of those pieces.


When I saw this, I knew I had to snag one. One of my characters pretty much surrounds herself with bird-related things, including a bird skull that she wears on a cord around her neck. I realize this is more of a plague doctor mask than anything, but it still felt like it symbolized her well.

This necklace was $0.50 on AliExpress (it’s since gone up to $0.60 – their prices do tend to change from day to day.) It arrived 16 days after I ordered it – compared to the 28-45 days suggested on the listing. Not bad!

Now, the cord is a bit cheap-feeling, and shorter than I’d like it (it’s waxed cord, I believe, with a somewhat adjustable length on the clasp.) I’ll be replacing that, but I have everything I need to make a custom chain for it. The charm itself, though, is pretty solid, and definitely worth the money I spent – probably more. I love the look, and the finish, and plan to include this in my jewelry rotation.

Overall, I’m very happy, and I’m sure my character would approve, too!



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