I’m a bad kitty momma!

Two packages today, neither of which were expected this quickly! Both came via China Post, and were quicker than some of the ePacket packages. Wow!


First off, we have Pokémon stickers! I ordered these to put in my box o’ gifts that I’m building – something we can reach into when we need a gift for someone, without having to scramble to find something. Bit of a cheat, really, but it works!

These sticker sheets were $0.14 each on AliExpress. I ordered 3, and all of them were different, which is great! The shipping was free, so I spent a total of 42 cents on these – better than getting them at the dollar store! I ordered them on February 23, so they took 15 days from the date I ordered them, though the shipping was estimated at 19-39 days.

These are likely not officially licensed, so don’t expect a lot of quality out of them. That said, they’re nice-looking, puffy stickers, and what Pokémon fan-child (or adult) wouldn’t love being able to stick Pikachu all over everything?


…and this is why I should not be allowed to have pets.


I saw this bunny costume, and I just had to get it for my cat. It was advertised as a cat costume, with pictures of cats wearing it (albeit, the one in the ads was a much lighter pink.) There were different sizes, so I measured my poor kitty boy, and hit the shiny ‘buy’ button.


This is his “I will eat you in your sleep” face.

This costume was $3.53 on AliExpress, with free shipping. I ordered it on February 25, and it arrived on March 10, so 13 days from order to arrival, via China Post. This was supposed to take 20-38 days, so very nice!


“Are you done taking photos yet?”

Now, I measured my cat, and compared the measurements to the ones on the website. I’d say that, according to their own measurements, the sizes run about 2 sizes too small. This is a Medium – I’m guessing he probably would have needed an Extra Large. He’s not a fat cat at all, but he’s not little, either. I’m not super happy about the sizing, but it’s not like I intended him to wear it often. And I can always pass it on to my sister and her smaller cats.


“Don’t look at me!”

Quality-wise, I’m a little disappointed. The ones in the photos had fur-like edging, while this is obviously cheap fleece. Plus, the little tail came off while it was still in the package (you can see the spot where it was glued on – badly – in the photo above.)


“You’re so mean to me.”

Overall, I’m a bit disappointed in this, and may be contacting the seller, as it was smaller than described, and the quality is not the same as in the pictures. That said, if it had fit better, I probably would have looked past the quality issues, as it’s cute, and it’s fun to torment my kitty boy by dressing him up as a bunny. Even if he hates it.









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