AliExpress Fail

See that picture? That lovely ukulele? According to the tracking number given to me by an AliExpress seller, that was supposed to be in my mailbox (well, on my porch) today. And it might be on someone’s porch – if they live in California. Because that’s where the package whose tracking number I was given is being delivered today. Except, I don’t live anywhere near California.

I’m not surprised, though. This ukulele was only the third (and most expensive!) item I purchased off of AliExpress. I was contacted within a day, with the seller saying they didn’t have any in stock, and couldn’t get one in stock in time. Which wouldn’t have been such a big deal… Except they wanted me to cancel the order and say that I didn’t want it anymore – so they didn’t get in trouble for not having it in stock.

Now, I’m a business owner. If I make a mistake, I do everything that I can to fix it, and I would NEVER ask a customer to lie for me. To me, the request for me to lie about my reasons for canceling was incredibly dishonest. I contacted AliExpress, but they weren’t any help, so I requested to cancel my order – with the reason that the item was out of stock.

The seller denied my request, and said again that I needed to cancel, saying that I didn’t want the item anymore. I resubmitted the cancel request, with the out of stock reason. This went on for a week, until the order was about to expire. Then, suddenly, there was a tracking number!

I was skeptical, but hopeful. By this time, I had already ordered – and received – the same item off of Amazon, paying a few dollars more. I figured, if the AliExpress one DID show up, I could give it as a gift. No big deal.

But, it seems, the seller’s dishonesty continued to the tracking number, and I’m likely never going to receive that ukulele. It kinda sucks, but I’ll get my money back. The good news is, AliExpress doesn’t give the money to the sellers until the buyer confirms receipt of the item, so they aren’t going to profit from this.

I’ll be filing a dispute as soon as they respond to my message – likely with another false tracking number. They took down the listing, at least, before they sent the fake tracking number, so hopefully nobody else will get screwed like I did. Not from this listing, at least.

This is NOT the norm for AliExpress, though. I’ve purchased over 80 items, and this is the only seller that was dishonest so far.

Case in point… This showed up in my mailbox today:



It might not have been the ukulele, but packages are always nice, even if not the ones you expected.

This one was a necklace I ordered to give my daughter. She’s been having a rough time at school, and being a sappy mom, I decided she needed something positive to maybe help cheer her up when she’s stressing out.

Color  Compare.jpg

This necklace was advertised as two-toned, but when I initially opened it, it looked like silver on silver. Still pretty, but not what I expected. However, when I brought it out of the dark living room into my sunlit office, the difference in color was quite apparent – hence the two pictures. (Don’t mind the cat paws. He tries to get into every picture I take!)

The necklace was $0.53 on AliExpress. Like yesterday’s, it was supposed to arrive in 22-38 days from Malaysia, but it took a little over a week, shipped from China – at least, according to the customs paper. Not bad at all!

Quality-wise, it’s on par with yesterday’s necklace, maybe a bit better because the top charm doesn’t seem so cheap. It’s not as super smooth and shiny as it looked in the ad, but it’s not bad looking, either. Honestly, I don’t mind the weathered look on the pendants – makes them look a little more casual.

Not a bad little necklace. It doesn’t make up for the missing ukulele, but it’s still nice!


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